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Armadillo Rugs - Outdoor Rugs

Armadillo Rugs - Outdoor Rugs

The Armadillo & Co Outdoor rug collection is affordable luxury in your home. Armadillo & Co shined with both the earth collection and latitude collection. Now, with the same high-end quality, uniqueness and ethical appeal, the Armadillo & Co Outdoor Rug collection will add the designer touch you needed for your outdoor entertaining area or deck. The stylish Armadillo & Co outdoor rug collection will invite you to create the perfect outdoor living areas, lounge or poolside areas. Armadillo & Co rugs are made from recycled fibres and are fair trade and manufactured ethically. The Armadillo & Co outdoor rug collection have been designed to withstand the harshest elements the Australian climate promises to bring, from UV resistant and mostly fade resistant materials, Armadillo & Co’s outdoor rug collection is easily washable and will leave your outdoor area feeling luxurious.

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