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  • 20% off Armadillo rug sale

    Armadillo rug sale !!!

    Easterly is having its annual Armadillo rug sale! We have 20% off all your favourite rugs, from the Armadillo sierra weave with its thick plush weave of wool and viscose, to the hard wearing Armadillo Sherpa weave in pumice, chalk or charcoal.

    The 20% off sale includes all the entrance mats also, perfect for sprucing up the entry, adding a lift to a normally overlooked area.

    Winter is the best time for rugs, soften that concrete floor with a natural nest weave rug, warm up timber floors with a Armadillo Kalahari rug, all on sale for a limited time now.

    All sale priced Armadillo rugs come with free delivery, making it easy to purchase online and the rug will arrive at your door via courier.

    Make the most of our once a year 20% off Armadillo rug sale now, order online here, or call us on 1300 22 3228 for any questions you may have.

  • Lifesize Timber Horses - Beautiful or Evil?

    I first saw these horses in a dusty street in Java. I was so astounded at their life-like appearance, I had to stop the car and investigate further.

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    Armadillo Floor Rugs

    Armadillo&Co have arguably the best woven rugs in Australia. Their hand made superior quality, unique patterns and intricate finishes make them some of the most extravagant floor rugs or signature pieces that you can find.

    Sofa/Day Beds

    “Draw me like one of your French girls”

    Day beds serve a myriad of purposes and yes, most involve sitting on them doing not much… but that’s the point. Continue reading


    “Time to get a clock”

    I recently overheard that on average, Australians check their Facebook 14 times a day… I know right – not many times at all considering I’ve probably checked mine 14 times in the last hour. Maybe I’m just obsessed with my phone… Continue reading


    Why should I give a teak?

    Teak is a type of tropical hardwood which comes from many Asian countries. 50% of the worlds’ naturally occurring teak is actually cultivated in Myanmar (hence teaks affectionate nickname “Burmese teak”), South East Asia, however it is grown in many Asian and African countries now. Continue reading



    It’s something that skips most minds when planning a new home or kitchen specifically, but which stools should we use?

    So many kitchens are now being designed with island benches, serveries or innovative eating set ups and this means I will need somewhere to sit, right?

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    Hides and Leathers

    Give a room a hiding

    There is a common misconception that animal hides and leathers should only be displayed in Winter, but these materials can set the tone of a room all year round and make a space much homier.

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    Floor rugs are a beautiful & important consideration for any room of the home……and there are so many styles, designs, colour and textures available. They are a perfect complement to a large open living space with rugs suited to go under dining settings and more luxurious textures for lounge areas - soft under foot and comfy for floor dwellers too.

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    Latitude Collection


    Brand new to Armadillo&Co, the Latitude Collection now comprises a variety of Berber Knot weaves culminating in luxurious textures and captivating designs.  Whilst the feel of the rugs is wool, this is combined with a cotton in the backing of all rugs in this collection with the exception of the Zulu (which is 100% wool).   As winter is upon us, there is no rug more luxurious and softer to add warmth to your home than this collection….bring it on!  All rugs are available in 3 standard sizes; 1.7x2.4m, 2x3m, 2.5x3.5m and custom made upon request.

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    Outdoor dining

    With the recent warm weather, people are starting to plan ahead for those Summer months.

    Everyone should have an outdoor space they can use and feel proud of when entertaining guests – a place you can sit around for hours, having a drink, a BBQ and listen to music in the fresh Summer air.

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    Our range of beanbags at Easterly are everything you want in a beanbag! Bright, colourful, waterproof, comfortable and they can be used either indoors or out.

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