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  • Essentials for Moving into a New Home

    Easterly: Geelong Furniture Store

    18 months ago when I moved out into my first apartment, there was a level of excitement I could not contain. I would finally be adulting and living for myself. It was at this point where I realised, I needed furniture. Solid and beautiful furniture. I don’t mean flatpack pieces that would take me hours on end to build which would ultimately lead to me damaging the piece whilst screwing it together. But furniture that I could engage with aesthetically when I got home from work. Furniture that provided me with stable comfort and elegance and a place that I could be proud to call my home. The struggle soon became what to buy first!



    A feature that is often forgotten, but can create clever storage and can stand as its own feature. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably managed to acquire knick knacks galore from years of unwanted presents from that Aunty you never speak to. A stunning bookcase is a way to hide clutter or highlight the pieces you want. Bookcases are in no way just for books! Consider the Ethnicraft Oak M Rack! A statement piece like this bookshelf, open and unique, you’ll have no problem creating a feature with all your bottles of whisky or photo frames of loved ones – and … well, books too.



    Whether renting or buying your first home – a rug is always necessary. Whether it’s to protect your Landlords floorboards or create a designer touch to your home, a durable and stunning rug will change the way an entire room looks as well as giving you protective piece of mind.

    What’s even better is a rug that is unique, socially responsible, fair trade and handcrafted from clever artisans in India – Yes it exists, an Armadillo & Co Rug is everything you could imagine and more. Each rug is unique and handwoven giving it a strong lifeline and durability – That’s right these rugs last! My personal favourite? The Sierra Weave for sure!

    Easterly: Geelong Furniture Store


    You’re an adult now. This means you don’t have to eat off your lap on the couch anymore! Time to invest in a beautiful and solid dining table. There are so many options! Round or rectangle? Timber or glass? Of course, at the end of the day, it will depend on how much space you physically have but in reality, the investment you make in a dining table is worth it! On functionality alone all your entertainment dreams will be realised, no longer will you be leaving dinner plates all over your coffee table! You don’t have to be clever with a dining table, a simple American oak table like the Jimi Dining Table is the perfect upgrade, modern and elegant.

    The possibilities are endless when you’re moving into your brand-new place!

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  • Our Best Tips to Decorate Small Spaces

    Easterly: Geelong Furniture Store

    We’ve all been there, small lounge and living spaces that make us wonder how we’re ever going to restyle the room. Whether the dining space and lounge are joined in an open living plan, or you’re looking to redecorate the bedroom, here are our best tips to decorate a small room or space!


    Be Big and Minimal

    Use bigger furniture pieces to divide the room. Smaller pieces will give the impression that the room has been telescoped. You can trick your room into feeling bigger with a sofa or dining table to anchor the room. Choosing a few big pieces also means you have more room to experiment with the centre of the room rather than playing off the wall space and leaving dead space in the centre. This is especially useful in smaller open living plans to divide dining and relaxing areas.

    An excellent way to create a divide in the room is with a rug, a large rug will further establish the division in your room. Easterly has a massive range of rugs from Armadillo & Co, Bayliss and The Rug Collection!

    Easterly: Geelong Furniture Store

    Less is More

    Now that you’ve got your bigger pieces, this doesn’t mean you can fill up your space with clutter. Keep excess furniture to a minimal. A side table or two, but don’t blur the lines between decorative needs and excess pieces. Sometimes, it can be easy to be distracted by catalogues with the latest homeware’s obsession and trends. Take a step back and consider clean lines and minimalistic design to keep your space looking like a dream.


    Light it up

    There might not be much room on the floor, but walls provide you with blank canvases which can increase your room size exponentially. Our number one tip involves light and mirrors. Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light in a room. The addition of reflections can make a room feel brighter and spacious. This is particularly useful for smaller spaces!

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  • Questions to Ask Yourself Over a Coffee … Table

    Easterly: Geelong Furniture Store

    For such an important anchor point in your living room, coffee tables can more often than not feel like a forgotten piece of furniture. Maybe you’re using a coffee table you purchase the odd 10 – 15 years ago or you’ve repurposed an old piece, perhaps you’re like me, using a coffee table that your parents first purchased for their home so many years ago. It may be time to consider an update for these very important reasons. Want to know how to pick the best coffee table to suit your needs? Well, read on.


    Do you actually drink coffee?

    How much use do you intend that your coffee table gets? Is it a decorative coffee table or side table used purely as a space filler? Will it be a coffee table always in use; storage over décor? Once you know the purpose of your coffee table, you can begin to think about its durability and material. Delicate surfaces from a glass coffee table will undoubtedly be scratched from constant use and will require constant attention with fingerprints. However, as a decorative side table holding décor books, plants, candles and home accessories, it very well may be the perfect addition to the room. Consider a studier coffee table constructed from teak or wood to withstand the constant use of coffee chit chats.

    Easterly: Geelong Furniture Store

    Espresso Cup or Mug: Shape is a deal breaker

    Now, the shape of your coffee table maybe anchored around the type of sofa you have, or you may be using your new-found coffee table as an incredible centrepiece in the room. Regardless, the shape and size of your coffee table or side table is vital to the finished look of the room. You may find that a rectangular or oval table may work best for smaller rooms to allow for extra functionality or walking space. For larger seating areas containing modular sofas or occasional chairs, a larger table for everyone to reach may be more efficient, in this instance, you’d want to pick a square or circle coffee table to balance the size in the room. Design tip, when you purchase your coffee table consider its height, your coffee table should be lower or at the height of your sofa or chairs!

    Easterly: Geelong Furniture Store

    A place to store cups and saucers: Storage and Functionality

    In smaller spaces, storage in a coffee table might be your main goal. Coffee tables with additional shelves, drawers, and partitions for books, remotes, and all your coffee table necessities might be the way to go. However, if you want to avoid clutter, ottomans are a great way to gain that extra storage you would have received from an ottoman, whilst also providing a way to clear away any décor or belongings you don’t want on display!


    Want to know our best chit chat coffee table sellers?

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  • How to Cosy up your Bedroom Space

    Easterly: Geelong Furniture Store

    Summer is almost over and it’s time to consider cosying up your bedroom in time for Autumn and Winter, read on to find our key bedroom hacks for 2019!

    The bed

    The main reason why anyone has a bedroom in the first place is of course for the bed. When it comes to bed frames and bed heads you will want to find one which will last you a few years. Look for solid construction and clean upholstery. We suggest keeping the bed to neutral tones, oak and teak for wooden frames or neutral greys and whites for upholstery. This way you will be able to change up your bedroom whenever you please at a low cost with brand new accessories and linen.

    Easterly stocks a luxurious range of Aura home linen, inspired by earthy tones and pastels in natural fabrics. You’ll find linen the best way to introduce colour and pattern into your bedroom! Alongside this, knitted rugs and throw blankets add the perfect warmth factor for those chilly nights on the rise or to snuggle up to with a great book on an early Sunday morning.

    Easterly: Geelong Furniture Store

    Our Best Sellers:


    The floor

    Tie your bedroom together with a cosy floor. Use rugs for added texture and warmth. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting out of bed and feeling the cold harsh floor beneath your feet. Choose to oversize your rug and have it expand beyond the sides and length of your bed or opt for two hallway styles rugs to place either side of the centrepiece bed.

    To cosy up that bedroom even more, consider additional bedroom features like ottomans or occasional chairs. These small tranquil pieces can help establish the calming environment you want to create in your room and provide alternative areas of rest.

    Easterly: Geelong Furniture Store

    Our Best Sellers:


    Play with colour in the accessories

    The great thing about establishing central pieces of bedroom furniture is that you can change your room up every season if you want to! Play with dusty pink and rose gold or go pastel with mints and blues against oak. Create a natural and relaxing hue, the freedom is yours to establish whichever environment you crave. Cushions are a great way to establish bursts of colour and comfort. Different types of prints or hanging art can carry on the theme you’re trying to create in your home and live plants or fresh greenery can help to bring life

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  • Golden Rules when it comes to Picking a Dining Table

    Geelong Furniture Store

    Dining Tables. We all have one. But we don’t all love what we have. We’ve compiled our strategy to work out how to pick the best dining table for your needs! Whether the dining table of your dreams is a teak dining table, round dining table, expendable dining table, oak dining table, or small dining table! You’ll need to follow these few golden rules so you don’t regret your decision, bear in mind, a good dining table should last you 5 – 10 years; this leads us to our first golden rule …

    KISS – Keep it Simple Silly!

    Choose trends and fashion for almost everything else but keep your dining table simple! A timeless dining table will always look modern and fresh when paired with the right dining chairs, creating the perfect dining room look. Take our advice and shop for sturdiness, reliability and functionality. Check the height of the table. Will it be comfortable to sit at for longer periods of time? How will it feel to share a meal at this dining table? This leads us to our next golden rule …

    Geelong Furniture Store


    Understand the size of your dining room and the maximum capacity for a dining table! Remember, that your dining table will need space around it for dining chairs, a rug and walkways too. But even before that, be sure that whichever dining table style you’re searching for, you can fit it through the front door without damaging it! No amount of pivoting will save your dining table if you purchase a table which is too big! Our key recommendation is to consider bringing your measuring tape and having your home dimensions all set-out and organised before you step into any store!


    The number of seats?

    This one should be notably obvious, but how many people do you want to seat at your dining table? Do people usually visit unannounced, if so an expendable dining table would be best to allow for those extra guests, do you have a round room in need of a matching round dining table? Or are you after something a little more generic like a rectangle dining table or an oval dining table giving your more practical surface area? The shape you decide upon and the number of seats will ultimately come down to the actual space of the room. However, having a clearer direction will help when you start to search through the plethora of dining tables on the market.

    Geelong Furniture Store

    But really, how many chairs can you fit?

    One of the most overlooked considerations is how many chairs will actually fit under a dining table. This is because there are a number of different dining room leg types which alter the way seats will fit under the dining room furniture. You should consider whether you are after a standard four-legged table, a pedestal dining table or a trestle table when devising how many seats you want to provide for in your dining room.


    Choose the right material for your home

    Remember when we said to keep it simple? This is where that comes into consideration. Choosing the material of your table can be hard when you need to balance a dining tables life span, care needs, personal aesthetic and functional needs. Whether you choose a teak wooden table, glass dining table or metal dining table, ensuring it will suit the style of your home and be sturdy and durable enough for your needs is the key consideration.

    Want to know our best sellers? TRY

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  • What’s new at Easterly | Interior Design Service Geelong


    Geelong Interior Design Service

    From our humble beginnings, we’ve grown to bring the Geelong, the Surf Coast and all of Australia a touch of coastal elegance and stunning design. Guess what! We don’t want to stop there! If you haven’t heard already, we’ve been brewing something amazing specifically for The Greater Region of Geelong, New suburbs like Armstrong Creek and of course from our home roots on the Surf Coast of Torquay and Great Ocean Road.

    We’d like to introduce to you our interior design and decorators service! We’ve partnered with some of the best interior designers in Geelong to help design your unique home. The greatest thing about our interior design service? There’s no minimum spend; no obligation & your consultation is FREE! We’ll tailor your design needs to meet your expectations and design for both function and environment.


    What does Easterly offer with the interior design service?

    Our interior design service in Geelong offers fast delivery on any products, first access to the range of furniture and homewares Easterly has to offer, exclusive sale offers only available through our interior design service and we have the ability to transform and decorate any space; Commercial, Residential, Facilities, Outdoor Areas and More!

    Geelong Interior Design Service

    What do our team do?

    Easterly’s interior stylists will work to provide accurate design and decorative advice to suit your dream interior design vision and the level of functionality you require. Working within our interior design service, you will also gain access to locally designed furniture pieces (homemade teak furniture and locally made Custom Sofas). Our interior stylists will source and select furniture pieces and décor and homewares; taking away the design pressure from you.

    Like we mentioned, there is no obligation whatsoever, you can book your free consultation here or check out our frequently asked questions here!

  • Lets Talk Outdoor Accessories

    Outdoor Furniture Accessories

    Easterly: Geelong Furniture Store

    Easterly’s range of outdoor furniture and accessories are simply some of the best outdoor furniture in Geelong! That’s right, Easterly doesn’t just style your interior, but we have outdoor décor and outdoor furniture to suit your Geelong home, not to mention the rest of Australia!

    However, it’s not just enough to choose your favourite teak outdoor furniture setting, the true mark of a great patio, deck or outdoor space is your outdoor accessories and décor! Decorate your patio with the range of outdoor furniture accessories and décor to create an inviting coastal experience.

    Easterly: Geelong Furniture Store

    Easterly has a variety of outdoor umbrellas, outdoor cushions, fireplaces, sun lounges and covers that are perfect to create your ideal outdoor space. You can even complete your outdoor furniture look with an outdoor rug which will surely complement the outdoor furniture you already have!

    Easterly’s range of outdoor furniture is weatherproof and durable and easy to clean and care for! By the time you’ve finished with Easterly’s range of outdoor furniture in Geelong, you’ll feel like you’ve brought the Geelong’s very own waterfront into your backyard!

    Shop the range of outdoor furniture here.

  • How to Elevate your Hallway | Decorating tips for Summer

    Geelong Furniture Store: How to elevate your hallway with an armadillo & co rug Easterly Living: Geelong Furniture Store

    Hallways are often the very first impression that a guest has of your home, more likely than not, they’re forgotten about or changed infrequently. It’s obvious that hallways are weighted against functionality and not particularly a place which you want to stop and enjoy your surroundings. However, if you’re one of those people that thinks that hallways are dead space, you’d be dead wrong. You’re missing out on some of the best décor options. Our three tips; Rugs, desks and lighting!

    We’re bringing back the long hallway runner! Why? It’s easy to make an impression with a chic hallway runner, and they’re easy to replace should you get sick of the colour or style! Easterly has a wide range of stunning hallway runners by Armadillo & Co; ethical and sustainable hand-woven rugs. When you went to change up your hallway space, you just have to purchase a new hallway runner instead of initiating a painter or curator.

    Geelong Furniture Store Easterly Living: Geelong Furniture Store

    Make a statement with your hallway furniture. Desks and tables are a few ways to create surface and plays on height in your hallway. Whether you use a small side table to highlight your family Christmas photo or to introduce an element of greenery, hallway furniture is inviting and can help to set the tone of your house.

    Set the mood with the right lighting in your hallway. We’re not all blessed with a naturally well-lit hallway space. However, the flickering of a candle or the perfect pendant light can help complete your space and finalise your décor venture.

    From drab to exciting, you’ll set the right first impression the next time your guests come over for a dinner party with our hallway decorating tips!

  • Buying the perfect Sofa: Our guide to the perfect Australian made Custom Sofa

    Geelong Furniture Store: Custom Sofa Geelong Furniture Store: The Perfect Custom Sofa

    Custom sofas don’t have to be as confusing as they sound. With so many considerations when it comes to creating your ideal custom sofa, most people forget the most vital consideration. QUALITY. With the burden of fast furniture pressuring bigger retailers, the small details and art to custom furniture can be lost.

    With the quality of your custom-made sofa at our foreminds, Easterly has created the ultimate checklist to be sure that the custom sofa you order is nothing short of perfect.

    1. The Manufactures

    Where is your custom sofa coming from? Who is making your custom sofa? How many years does this manufacturer have in the art of creating custom sofas and furniture?  When you shop custom sofas with Easterly, you can be sure that our manufacturers (Kuatro) have over 35 years experience in the design and manufacturing of custom-made sofas. What’s even better is that Easterly’s entire range of custom sofas are locally made in Melbourne.

    Geelong Furniture Store: Custom Sofa Geelong Furniture Store: The Perfect Custom Sofa
    1. Degree of flexibility

    A custom sofa is not just having the option to choose your fabric colour. A true custom sofa gives you leg colour and style options, sofa height adjustments, a variety of cushion fills and types, sofa configuration choices on top of an extensive range of textiles and leathers. Easterly’s range of custom sofas gives you the true flexibility to create the custom sofa of your dream. With access to hundreds of textiles and genuine leather from premium leather suppliers. Easterly even lets you choose the height and depth to your custom sofa, chaise side and the tiny custom sofa details like sofa leg type and colour.

    Geelong Furniture Store: Custom Sofa Geelong Furniture Store: The Perfect Custom Sofa
    1. Aftercare

    Do not be fooled into thinking that it’s smooth sailing from the day your new custom sofa arrives in your living room or lounge room. Following on for the need for awesome quality is the need for your custom sofa purchase to be backed by an incredible warranty. Easterly offers a 10-year warranty on all custom sofas and custom occasional chairs. A free warranty offering you security on your investment into some of the best custom-made sofas in the market.


    Geelong Furniture Store: Custom Sofa Good Fit Guide Good Fit Guide

    Geelong Furniture Store: Custom Sofa Sale Custom Sofa Floorstock Sale
  • Easterly has some very exciting news!

    Moving Sale - 2 Winki Way Torquay

    In case you haven’t seen our multiple Facebook and Instagram posts, EASTERLY IS MOVING! You might be thinking, that’s not that exciting, why should I care?

    Well firstly, moving means clearing up – which means a giant clearance sale! In store only, we have clearance items starting at 10% off all the way to 80% off! Isn’t that crazy! This giant summer clearance sale won’t last forever though. Be sure to come down to Torquay and visit Easterly to see the beautiful sale stock disappearing!

    Secondly, why should you be excited? Our new Geelong showroom is going to be bigger and better than our current location! A grand opening sale once the move is complete, and new exceptional services to offer our dedicated clients all from the passionate team at Easterly.

    You can visit our new showroom from Tuesday 23 January 2018. Where are we locating?


    Come & Visit – We look forward to seeing you!


    If there’s one thing Aussies love, it’s a Coastal beach themed Christmas. It’s something the Geelong region, waterfront and surf coast highway does well. But how can you create the perfect seaside Christmas look?


    Natural Elements

    To create the perfect seaside theme, elements of driftwood or natural teak or even bamboo will help bring the outdoors inside. We’re not suggesting you drive over to Easterly immediately and purchase one of our stunning Driftwood Horse sculptures, but we do have smaller driftwood sculptures, art and homewares which will add that natural element your’re after – whether you set asides a small driftwood rabbit or carved teak buffalo, or just place rough pieces of driftwood on your dining setting as a centre piece – this stunning feature will stand out.

    Side note! Don’t forget Christmas colours – matelic reds and deep greens – small bursts of colour from baubles or tinsel will make your driftwood certainly more festive

    Natural Driftwood and Teak Sculptures

    Hanging art/ framed art

    Beach and coastal themed stunning pieces will help your Christmas look stand out. Beautiful Summer Breezes Framed print, or Gold foil shell framed art will bring your theme to life and will play on your white on white décor and natural driftwood touches.

    Framed Art and Hanging Wall Art

    Don’t be over the top

    The trick with coastal décor is simplicity – this doesn’t mean you find every homewares accessory with an anchor or fish printed on it but rather you place emphasis on one or two stunning pieces – for instance a Palawan Mirror or a beautiful wall clock like the Bondi wall clock will stand out on their own – the last thing you want to do is detract from their simplicity.

    Australian Homwares and Decor

    Set the festive tone

    Don’t be rid of all traditional Christmas décor, a Christmas tree is essential and don’t forget gifts under it either (maybe an Easterly gift card voucher?). There are so many ways to intertwine the joy of Christmas and the love of interior design and homewares, especially at Easterly.



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  • The Ultimate Christmas Guide to Gifts for her at Easterly

    Christmas Guide: Gifts for Her

    Are you looking for the ultimate gift guide for the family! Welcome to our Christmas blog series where we’re going to explore Easterly’s stunning range of homewares and furniture to bring you the ultimate family Christmas! Looking for something unconventional and unique? You’ve found the perfect place! Easterly, just 25 minutes from the Geelong CBD specialises in unique and eco-friendly homewares making us your one stop to furniture stores in Geelong as well as the perfect place to find our hidden range of gifts and services!

    UPDATE THOSE HOMEWARES After spending endless hours dragging my boyfriend to all the homewares stores in Geelong, I can testify that all I want for Christmas is homewares! Stylish and beautiful features in a home that add the finer touches in a room! Whether it’s a beautiful Ethnicraft Oak light frame mirror or a Ethnicraft Teak light frame mirror – these make the perfect gift for her. Homewares doesn’t stop there (although I’m sure my boyfriend wished it did). There’s more to walls than just mirrors – why not think wall clock! The Ferris Metal Wall Clock (reminding me particularly of the Giant Sky Wheel on the Geelong Waterfront) features everyone’s favourite copper rose colour in a ferris-wheel design – this one is definitely a crowd pleaser!

    Christmas Guide: Homewares in Australia

    TABLE TOPPERS Not only do Armadillo & Co create stunning rugs but they also have a range of table décor and table toppers which will highlight your dining table and create the perfect family meal. After all, Christmas is about bringing the family together – and nothing does that better than food – that’s why the Armadillo & Co Zinnia weave and Willow weave placemats and table runner make the perfect gifts for her at Christmas time!

    Christmas Guide: Armadillo & Co Table Placemats and Table Runners

    TREAT HER TO GOLD Stunning gold foil framed art and frame wall art will create the perfect gift for her. After all, who doesn’t love gold at Christmas time. Easterly stocks unique gold foil framed art – featuring coastal imagery as well as symbolic shapes and animals.

    Christmas Guide: Homewares in Australia - Framed Art

    You can always view our full range on our website or visit our showroom down in Torquay (near Bunnings) – just 25 minutes from the Geelong CBD. Contact us Here.

  • The Ultimate Christmas Guide to Gifts for him at Easterly

    Are you looking for the ultimate gift guide for the family! Welcome to our Christmas blog series where we’re going to explore Easterly’s stunning range of homewares and furniture to bring you the ultimate family Christmas! Looking for something unconventional and unique? You’ve found the perfect place! Easterly, just 25 minutes from the Geelong CBD specialises in unique and eco-friendly homewares making us your one stop to furniture stores in Geelong as well as the perfect place to find our hidden range of gifts and services!

    Christmas Guide: Gifts for him at Easterly

    THE VEHICLE ESKY After something unique and useful for him for Christmas? Why not try one of our handmade vehicle eskys / coolers! Whether he prefers Combi VansBoatsRetro Caravans or Utes – there’s an esky to suit the fussiest man in your family! Some are even available in multiple colours! These vehicle eskys are fully insulated and made from 44 gallon drums! How cool is that?!

    Christmas Guide: Gifts for him at Easterly - Vehicle Esky

    SOMETHING FOR THE MAN CAVE Are you trying to find something super masculine that he can boast about to his mates? Something a little out there and different? We have the perfect gift for his man cave. Our range of ornaments and sculptures will be bold and create talking points with all his mates. Particularly the Water Buffalo Ornament. This awesome piece will shine in any man cave!

    Christmas Guide: Gifts for him at Easterly - Ornaments and Sculptures

    And what will match our range of ornaments and sculptures? How about a Hide and Leather rug  to make the ultimate statement in any mancave! Cowhides, reindeer hides and leathers are always unique – no two can ever be the same! Soft, natural and beautiful! Hides and leathers come in a variety of natural colours – black & white hides, caramel and white hides and even just pitch black hides – perfectly suited to any mancave!

    Christmas Guide: Gifts for him at Easterly - Hides and Leather

    You can always view our full range on our website or visit our showroom down in Torquay (near Bunnings) – just 25 minutes from the Geelong CBD. Contact us Here.

  • The Ultimate Christmas Guide to Kids Gifts at Easterly

    Christmas Guide: Kids Gifts at Easterly

    Are you looking for the ultimate gift guide for the family! Welcome to our Christmas blog series where we’re going to explore Easterly’s stunning range of homewares and furniture to bring you the ultimate family Christmas! Looking for something unconventional and unique? You’ve found the perfect place! Easterly, just 25 minutes from the Geelong CBD specialises in unique and eco-friendly homewares making us your one stop to furniture stores in Geelong as well as the perfect place to find our hidden range of gifts and services!

    KIDS TEEPEE TENTS | TIPI | KIDS PLAY TENTS The Teepee tent / tipi trend has taken the world by storm and in true Easterly fashion, we’re offering eco-friendly, ethically manufactured and fair trade in Nepal, Vietnam and India teepee tents / tipi. Created by Rainbows and Clover, Easterly’s range of teepee tents / tipi will provide both kids and families with endless amounts of fun and imagination as the kids hide away in a beautifully structured teepee / tipi tent.

    Easterly offers three sizes: The TOY teepee perfect for the kids toys and dolls. The regular measuring 1.5m tall. And the large size measuring 2.1m tall.

    Christmas Guide: Kids Gifts at Easterly - KIDS TEEPEE TENTS | TIPI | KIDS PLAY TENTS

    And what would a beautiful teepee tent be without bright and colourful teepee tent / tipi decorations! The kids teepee / tipi décor pack includes a 10 flag bunting made from organic cotton, balloon ball and reversible cushion covers! The perfect starter pack for any kids teepee / tipi playtime fun!

    STYLISH KIDS WALL CLOCKS Want something a little more educational? Try Easterly’s range of wall decal clocks! Beautiful, bright and happy ways to get the kids to read analogue clocks! With animals of any colour perfect to suit any bedroom, a kids wall clock will provide years of comfort! My personal favourite? Francis the Fox wall decal clock! He’s just way to cute! But don’t worry, Easterly stock a range of animals from Pablo the pig wall decal clock, Evie the elephant wall decal clock and Pippa the penguin wall decal clock

    Christmas Guide: Kids Gifts at Easterly - STYLISH KIDS WALL CLOCKS

    ANIMAL ALPHABET PRINTS After something to match your awesome new Francis the Fox wall decal clock? Our animal alphabet prints are the perfect educational tool to help kids learn their ABC’s in a fun and colourful way! Who said learning wasn’t fun?

    You can always view our full range on our website or visit our showroom down in Torquay (near Bunnings) – just 25 minutes from the Geelong CBD. Contact us Here.

  • Highlight: Armadillo & Co

    Sometimes something as simple and beautiful as a rug can transform a room to something of luxury and awe. A centre piece, like an Armadillo Rug can create a simple and elegant finish and contrast to any interior design.

    Armadillo & Co Floor Rugs

    Environmentally Responsible The founders of Armadillo & co Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst chose to be as responsible as feasible. What does this mean? All rugs created under this brand are 100% handmade through the entire creation process. Every Single rug is spun, dyed, and weaved and finished using fair trading techniques.

    Every rug is natural, beautiful and sustainable. The founders strive to reuse, reduce and recycle all materials used to create any of the Armadillo range. The Indoor Outdoor rug collection, made from polyester is derived from recycled plastic bottles, whilst others are simply sourced sensibly. The rug industry can have a huge negative environmental impact, particularly on the communities creating these pieces. This is why Jodie and Sally have chosen to create rugs which are carefully sourced and environmentally responsible.

    Socially Responsible Whenever you purchase an Armadillo Rug, without realising it, you will be helping to give back to communities and Weavers Villages India. Armadillo & Co endeavour to support local schools in underprivileged communities for this simple point. Children should be in school and not manufacturing products. You can rest assured that no children in anyway are employed in the making of any Armadillo Rug. Every rug purchase goes towards to employment, educational support and building brighter futures and industry’s in disadvantaged communities.


    Armadillo & Co Floor Rugs

    A Final Note This means that you can even feel better about having one of these stunning pieces in any room of your house. Here at Easterly, we truly believe that the Armadillo Rugs are some of the best in Australia. You can shop the range here.

    Armadillo & Co Floor Rugs

    *Easterly does not own the above images of any Armadillo & Co Rug

  • Top Three Underrated Australian Homewares

    Homewares Online - Homewares in Australia

    When you are moving into a new home or redecorating you always focus on the big things! Buy a new bed or sofa and lounge suite. Little splashes of colour and homewares are forgotten about and soon enough, you’ve been living in the same undecorated home for four months. Sure, you’ve pulled out some cushions and throw rugs for your sofa but as far as actually styling accent pieces – none. So here is our top list of underrated homewares in Australia. This is your reminder to purchase homewares online and in store if you live around the Geelong and Torquay area!

    Hang stunning wall art Art is a forgotten homewares item simply because of the work involved in hanging framed art. Choosing a stable place to hang a canvas and ensuring the correct strong or wire is being used so your framed artwork doesn’t fall! However, art adds atmosphere and culture to your room! Whether you choose framed art, a canvas or etching you can truly pick up something that will inspire you and fit your style and resonate with you. Hanging art is also a way to liven up your homewares and décor by adding a dash of colour and texture to your living or dining space.

    Homewares Online in Australia: Artwork, Canvas and etchings

    Simple things Homewares in Australia doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Sometimes something as simple as a burning candle in a home can create all the ambiance and atmosphere you need. Australian Homewares like candles not only serve a home décor purpose but double up as a means of relaxation. You’ll be able to throw away the stress from work and relax. The warm flicker and homely feel will add a softness to your home as well as a gorgeous scent – simple Australian Homewares are certainly the way to go.

    Homewares Online in Australia: Glass Candles and Local Candles

    Reflection With smaller houses or units being a priority for buyers and renters, the best Australian homewares decision you can make is to invest in a beautiful and breath taking mirror. Mirrors will reflect light and open a room, generally they will enhance and décor or homewares you may already have. Not only are they an interesting focal point, mirrors are the perfect homewares addition to make small spaces bigger – renters in Geelong, I’m talking to you!

    Homewares Online in Australia: Mirrors – Unique homewares Australia

    Shop Online? If you’re after homewares in Australia and specifically homewares online in Australia then Easterly has everything could imagine. Our unique and coastal themed homewares makes us one of the Geelong regions favourite homewares stores offering both eco homewares and luxury homewares Australia wide.

  • Furniture Stores Geelong - One Stop Guide

    If this warm weather isn’t making you think of updating your home, at Easterly we certainly have some services and products that will inspire you so much you will want to enter a home decorating television show. Let’s face it, we’ve all felt like interior designers sifting through cushions or rugs in a Geelong department store, but sometimes you need guidance or sometimes you tire of the same common homewares or furniture found around furniture stores in Geelong.

    Easterly: Furniture Stores Geelong

    *cough cough* The best place to answer your desires? EASTERLY! We’re a furniture store from the Geelong region run by locals from Geelong with a fine passion for elegant homewares and unique furniture. If dreary furniture stores in Geelong aren’t inspiring you, we have a range of gorgeous handmade, custom, eco-friendly furniture and homewares online and in store alongside stunning armadillo fair-trade rugs. In fact, we’re Geelong’s one stop shop to unique, high quality and durable furniture and homewares.

    Easterly: Furniture Stores Geelong – Geelong Homewares Store

    At Easterly we have a full range of homewares and furniture to please anyone. We personally deliver and service the city of greater Geelong, Melbourne and the Surf Coast. Our products are available in our furniture store and showroom in Geelong as well as online! We even offer shipping Australia wide from Sydney and Adelaide, all the way to Brisbane and Perth. We can style your bedroom, living room, dining room or outdoor entertaining area with unique furniture and designer products. From tables, beds, chairs, storage or sofas, this home goods and furniture store has everything to offer. Come down and visit us at 8 Winki Way – Near Bunnings and let our team design your dream home with exceptional customer service.

    Easterly: Furniture Stores Geelong – Teak Outdoor Furniture Geelong

    Easterly: Furniture Stores Geelong – Armadillo & Co Rugs Geelong

    Summer is coming and you should definitely think about updating your outdoor furniture whilst Easterly has its pre Summer sale on Outdoor settings – that’s right 20% OFF until the end of October 2017! A savvy shopper like yourself is probably thinking I want a setting that is going to last! Weather resistant outdoor furniture and most importantly all-weather outdoor furniture. Unfortunately, Summer won’t last forever so whatever setting you decide on – you want to get more use than the summer Evenings of 2018 out of it. For peace of mind, Easterly offers a one to three year warranty on all our outdoor furniture settings. Our products are made from some of the best materials but you have to be sure you’re picking the right set for you!


    Wicked Wicker – All Weather Outdoor Wicker Furniture

    PU wicker is suitable for all weather conditions – there’s a reason why the wicker style is so popular in modern homes! This is because PU Wicker is weather resistant to both ultraviolet light and water. It is also really lightweight unlike timber, this means that outdoor furniture arrangements can be more flexible because it is simply easier to move!

    Wicker furniture is also super easy to take care of! Especially in the cooler months when it may be getting a little dusty – all that is necessary is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and some mild soapy water (Just remember to remove the cushions before you clean them!) and when paired with aluminium framed chairs – you can sure of the sets durability because it is rust free!

    Although strong, it’s important not to leave wicker furniture in direct sight of the Australian sun for extended periods of time – by this, we mean weeks or months. The sun may cause the wicker to weaken over time but this doesn’t mean you can’t soak up some rays whilst lounging on your gorgeous Byron Occasional Lounge.

    We have a full range of Wicker sets all on sale and 20% off for the month of October 2017! From Five Piece Modular Outdoor Dining Setting, and Seven Piece Outdoor Charcoal Dining Setting.

    You’ll be able to find the full range here!


    TEMPTING Timber

    We can all imagine our own Summer decks featuring a stunning and beautiful outdoor timber table with matching outdoor chairs. But do they last? Outdoor timber furniture like Tables, stools and benches at Easterly are all made from sustainable Teak Timber. Teak Wood is a hardwood used for its strength and durability against harsh elements giving you years of enjoyment.

    With Teak Timber patio or outdoor furniture, you’re unlikely to suffer from wood rotting or afflictions like you may with other woods. The level of upkeep is up to you! Left to age and untreated the timber will soften to an attractive silver or grey colour depending on the amount of direct sunlight the timber faces. Where treated with Teak oil to preserve that first bought colour – its colour will stand bold and bright.

    If you are sold on timber, we have small and large outdoor dining settings on sale until the end of October 2017!

    You’ll be able to find the full range here!


    Contemporary Combination

    If you are confused about whether to purchase teak timber, wicker or maybe even aluminium – why not mix all three? Each material offers extreme durability and is suitable for most weather types

    The Corona Teak Timber Outdoor Dining Table with Matching Outdoor Chairs and Benches, a five Piece Outdoor Setting offers you the durability of a contemporary teak timber table as well as the ease of mind with little maintenance of the PU wicker outdoor chairs (Available in black and White). This combination offers you the best of all worlds and ultimately is proven as weather resistant.

    20% off of all of Easterly’s outdoor settings will not last forever! In fact, it ends the last day of October 2017, so get in fast while stocks last to secure your dream Summer!

  • 20% off Armadillo rug sale

    Armadillo rug sale !!!

    Easterly is having its annual Armadillo rug sale! We have 20% off all your favourite rugs, from the Armadillo sierra weave with its thick plush weave of wool and viscose, to the hard wearing Armadillo Sherpa weave in pumice, chalk or charcoal.

    The 20% off sale includes all the entrance mats also, perfect for sprucing up the entry, adding a lift to a normally overlooked area.

    Winter is the best time for rugs, soften that concrete floor with a natural nest weave rug, warm up timber floors with a Armadillo Kalahari rug, all on sale for a limited time now.

    All sale priced Armadillo rugs come with free delivery, making it easy to purchase online and the rug will arrive at your door via courier.

    Make the most of our once a year 20% off Armadillo rug sale now, order online here, or call us on 1300 22 3228 for any questions you may have.

  • Lifesize Timber Horses - Beautiful or Evil?

    I first saw these horses in a dusty street in Java. I was so astounded at their life-like appearance, I had to stop the car and investigate further.

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    Armadillo Floor Rugs

    Armadillo&Co have arguably the best woven rugs in Australia. Their hand made superior quality, unique patterns and intricate finishes make them some of the most extravagant floor rugs or signature pieces that you can find.

    Sofa/Day Beds

    “Draw me like one of your French girls”

    Day beds serve a myriad of purposes and yes, most involve sitting on them doing not much… but that’s the point. Continue reading


    “Time to get a clock”

    I recently overheard that on average, Australians check their Facebook 14 times a day… I know right – not many times at all considering I’ve probably checked mine 14 times in the last hour. Maybe I’m just obsessed with my phone… Continue reading


    Why should I give a teak?

    Teak is a type of tropical hardwood which comes from many Asian countries. 50% of the worlds’ naturally occurring teak is actually cultivated in Myanmar (hence teaks affectionate nickname “Burmese teak”), South East Asia, however it is grown in many Asian and African countries now. Continue reading



    It’s something that skips most minds when planning a new home or kitchen specifically, but which stools should we use?

    So many kitchens are now being designed with island benches, serveries or innovative eating set ups and this means I will need somewhere to sit, right?

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    Hides and Leathers

    Give a room a hiding

    There is a common misconception that animal hides and leathers should only be displayed in Winter, but these materials can set the tone of a room all year round and make a space much homier.

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    Floor rugs are a beautiful & important consideration for any room of the home……and there are so many styles, designs, colour and textures available. They are a perfect complement to a large open living space with rugs suited to go under dining settings and more luxurious textures for lounge areas - soft under foot and comfy for floor dwellers too.

    Continue reading

    Latitude Collection


    Brand new to Armadillo&Co, the Latitude Collection now comprises a variety of Berber Knot weaves culminating in luxurious textures and captivating designs.  Whilst the feel of the rugs is wool, this is combined with a cotton in the backing of all rugs in this collection with the exception of the Zulu (which is 100% wool).   As winter is upon us, there is no rug more luxurious and softer to add warmth to your home than this collection….bring it on!  All rugs are available in 3 standard sizes; 1.7x2.4m, 2x3m, 2.5x3.5m and custom made upon request.

    Continue reading

    Outdoor dining

    With the recent warm weather, people are starting to plan ahead for those Summer months.

    Everyone should have an outdoor space they can use and feel proud of when entertaining guests – a place you can sit around for hours, having a drink, a BBQ and listen to music in the fresh Summer air.

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    Our range of beanbags at Easterly are everything you want in a beanbag! Bright, colourful, waterproof, comfortable and they can be used either indoors or out.

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