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Kalahari Weave

Kalahari Weave

Armadillo Rugs - Kalahari Weave

The Kalahari Weave Armadillo Rugs, featured in the Earth rug collection displays stunning textures, a combination of wool viscose blend woven with hemp providing a soft texture underfoot. The Kalahari Weave rug is one of the most durable rugs available, withstanding the rigors of dining chairs and heavier foot traffic. The Kalahari Weave Armadillo rugs available in three colours offering ultimate contrast in pattern.

STYLE TIP: The Kalahari weave rug is also the perfect complement to the Sierra or Sherpa Weave Armadillo rugs if you’re seeking multiple rugs in one room – this stunning combination of modern rugs delivers the perfect balance of colour and texture.

The Kalahari Weave Design Armadillo & Co floor rug is definitely one of our favourites. The Kalahari Weave provides a mix of wool and hemp lines to contrast and create pattern suited to any home. The Kalahari Weave Rug is a thick and strong area rug, particularly suited to living room and bedroom areas

The Kalahari Weave design – Armadillo & Co is available in five sizes


Natural & Chalk, Natural & Pumice, Pewter & harcoal



Size 0

0.9 x 1.8 m

Size 1

1.4 x 2 m

Size 2

1.7 x 2.4 m

Size 3

2 x 3 m

Size 4

3 x 4 m

* Custom sizes may are also available, contact Easterly on 1300 22 3228 

Discover the Armadillo & co weaving and production process and our best advices about how to place your rug and our Armadillo rugs size guide.


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  • Armadillo Kalahari Rug
    Thick, sturdy hemp is set against undulating lines of luxurious wool to balance generous doses of differing texture.

    Armadillo Kalahari Rug

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