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Pebble Weave

Pebble Weave

Armadillo rugs - Pebble Weave

The Pebble Weave Armadillo Rug, featured in the Earth rug collection is nothing but unique. The texture of the Pebble Weave rug gives the appearance of small smooth pebbles; however, this Pebble Weave Rug is still soft and luxurious despite its pebbly surface. The Pebble weave features a wool & cotton blend rug, made from all natural fibres and available in two neutral colours.

The pebbled looking surface of The Pebble Weave Design Armadillo & Co rug is something that must be seen. The Pebble Weave Rug is soft and luxurious. The neutral tones of the Pebble Weave Rug will be sure to suit any home and living space.

The Pebble Weave design – Armadillo & Co is available in five sizes


Limestone, Granite



Size 0

0.9 x 1.8 m

Size 1

1.4 x 2 m

Size 2

1.7 x 2.4 m

Size 3

2 x 3 m

Size 4

3 x 4 m

* Custom sizes may also available, contact Easterly on 1300 22 3228 

Discover the Armadillo & co weaving and production process and our best advices about how to place your rug and our Armadillo rugs size guide.


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