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Twine Weave

Twine Weave

Armadillo rug - Twine Weave

The Twine Weave Armadillo Rug, featured in the Earth rug collection is potentially the most distinct and recognisable. The Twine Weave area rug is created using Argentinian wool and features a unique lattice or criss-crossed pattern. The Twine Weave rug holds incredible durability and is tough. With Two stunning colours to pick from – dark charcoal based and granite/ white based. Whilst the twine weave rug does have a coarser texture underfoot, this can be softened with the addition of a dual lock underlay.

The Twine Weave Design Armadillo & Co rug is the perfect way to introduce simple and elegant pattern into a living space, whether that be your living room or dining room. The durable twine weave rug will be one you will love for a long time.

The Twine Weave design – Armadillo & Co is available in five sizes


Granite & Charcoal, Charcoal & Limestone 



Size 0

0.9 x 1.8 m

Size 1

1.4 x 2 m

Size 2

1.7 x 2.4 m

Size 3

2 x 3 m

Size 4

3 x 4 m

* Custom sizes may also available, contact Easterly on 1300 22 3228 

Discover the Armadillo & co weaving and production process and our best advices about how to place your rug and our Armadillo rugs size guide.


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