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  • How to Elevate your Hallway | Decorating tips for Summer

    How to Elevate your Hallway | Decorating tips for Summer

    Easterly Living: Geelong Furniture Store Hallways are often the very first impression that a guest has of your home, more likely than not, they’re forgotten about or changed infrequently. It’s obvious that hallways are weighted against functionality and not particularly a place which you want to stop and enjoy your surroundings. However, if you’re one of those people that thinks that hallways are dead space, you’d be dead wrong. You’re missing out on some of the best décor options. Our three tips; Rugs, desks and lighting! We’re bringing back the long hallway runner! Why? It’s easy to make an impression with a chic hallway runner, and they’re easy to replace should you get sick of the colour or style! Easterly has a wide range of stunning hallway runners by Armadillo & Co; ethical and sustainable hand-woven rugs. When you went to change up your hallway space, you...


  • Buying the perfect Sofa: Our guide to the perfect Australian made Custom Sofa

    Buying the perfect Sofa: Our guide to the perfect Australian made Custom Sofa

    Geelong Furniture Store: The Perfect Custom Sofa Custom sofas don’t have to be as confusing as they sound. With so many considerations when it comes to creating your ideal custom sofa, most people forget the most vital consideration. QUALITY. With the burden of fast furniture pressuring bigger retailers, the small details and art to custom furniture can be lost. With the quality of your custom-made sofa at our foreminds, Easterly has created the ultimate checklist to be sure that the custom sofa you order is nothing short of perfect. The Manufactures Where is your custom sofa coming from? Who is making your custom sofa? How many years does this manufacturer have in the art of creating custom sofas and furniture?  When you shop custom sofas with Easterly, you can be sure that our manufacturers (Kuatro) have over 35 years experience in...


  • Easterly has some very exciting news!

    Easterly has some very exciting news!

    Moving Sale - 2 Winki Way Torquay In case you haven’t seen our multiple Facebook and Instagram posts, EASTERLY IS MOVING! You might be thinking, that’s not that exciting, why should I care? Well firstly, moving means clearing up – which means a giant clearance sale! In store only, we have clearance items starting at 10% off all the way to 80% off! Isn’t that crazy! This giant summer clearance sale won’t last forever though. Be sure to come down to Torquay and visit Easterly to see the beautiful sale stock disappearing! Secondly, why should you be excited? Our new Geelong showroom is going to be bigger and better than our current location! A grand opening sale once the move is complete, and new exceptional services to offer our dedicated clients all from the passionate team at Easterly. You can visit our new showroom from Tuesday 23...