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  • Golden Rules when it comes to Picking a Dining Table

    Golden Rules when it comes to Picking a Dining Table

    Geelong Furniture Store Dining Tables. We all have one. But we don’t all love what we have. We’ve compiled our strategy to work out how to pick the best dining table for your needs! Whether the dining table of your dreams is a teak dining table, round dining table, expendable dining table, oak dining table, or small dining table! You’ll need to follow these few golden rules so you don’t regret your decision, bear in mind, a good dining table should last you 5 – 10 years; this leads us to our first golden rule … KISS – Keep it Simple Silly! Choose trends and fashion for almost everything else but keep your dining table simple! A timeless dining table will always look modern and fresh when paired with the right dining chairs, creating the perfect dining room look. Take our advice and shop for sturdiness...


  • What’s new at Easterly | Interior Design Service Geelong

    What’s new at Easterly | Interior Design Service Geelong

      Geelong Interior Design Service From our humble beginnings, we’ve grown to bring the Geelong, the Surf Coast and all of Australia a touch of coastal elegance and stunning design. Guess what! We don’t want to stop there! If you haven’t heard already, we’ve been brewing something amazing specifically for The Greater Region of Geelong, New suburbs like Armstrong Creek and of course from our home roots on the Surf Coast of Torquay and Great Ocean Road. We’d like to introduce to you our interior design and decorators service! We’ve partnered with some of the best interior designers in Geelong to help design your unique home. The greatest thing about our interior design service? There’s no minimum spend; no obligation & your consultation is FREE! We’ll tailor your design needs to meet your expectations and design for both function and environment.   What does...


  • Lets Talk Outdoor Accessories

    Lets Talk Outdoor Accessories

    Outdoor Furniture Accessories Easterly: Geelong Furniture Store Easterly’s range of outdoor furniture and accessories are simply some of the best outdoor furniture in Geelong! That’s right, Easterly doesn’t just style your interior, but we have outdoor décor and outdoor furniture to suit your Geelong home, not to mention the rest of Australia! However, it’s not just enough to choose your favourite teak outdoor furniture setting, the true mark of a great patio, deck or outdoor space is your outdoor accessories and décor! Decorate your patio with the range of outdoor furniture accessories and décor to create an inviting coastal experience. Easterly: Geelong Furniture Store Easterly has a variety of outdoor umbrellas, outdoor cushions, fireplaces, sun lounges and covers that are perfect to create your ideal outdoor space. You can even complete your outdoor furniture look with an outdoor rug which will surely complement the...