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  • Essentials for Moving into a New Home

    Essentials for Moving into a New Home

    Easterly: Geelong Furniture Store 18 months ago when I moved out into my first apartment, there was a level of excitement I could not contain. I would finally be adulting and living for myself. It was at this point where I realised, I needed furniture. Solid and beautiful furniture. I don’t mean flatpack pieces that would take me hours on end to build which would ultimately lead to me damaging the piece whilst screwing it together. But furniture that I could engage with aesthetically when I got home from work. Furniture that provided me with stable comfort and elegance and a place that I could be proud to call my home. The struggle soon became what to buy first!   A BOOKCASE A feature that is often forgotten, but can create clever storage and can stand as its own feature. If you’re anything like me...


  • Our Best Tips to Decorate Small Spaces

    Our Best Tips to Decorate Small Spaces

    Easterly: Geelong Furniture Store We’ve all been there, small lounge and living spaces that make us wonder how we’re ever going to restyle the room. Whether the dining space and lounge are joined in an open living plan, or you’re looking to redecorate the bedroom, here are our best tips to decorate a small room or space!   Be Big and Minimal Use bigger furniture pieces to divide the room. Smaller pieces will give the impression that the room has been telescoped. You can trick your room into feeling bigger with a sofa or dining table to anchor the room. Choosing a few big pieces also means you have more room to experiment with the centre of the room rather than playing off the wall space and leaving dead space in the centre. This is especially useful in smaller open living plans to divide dining...


  • Questions to Ask Yourself Over a Coffee … Table

    Questions to Ask Yourself Over a Coffee … Table

    Easterly: Geelong Furniture Store For such an important anchor point in your living room, coffee tables can more often than not feel like a forgotten piece of furniture. Maybe you’re using a coffee table you purchase the odd 10 – 15 years ago or you’ve repurposed an old piece, perhaps you’re like me, using a coffee table that your parents first purchased for their home so many years ago. It may be time to consider an update for these very important reasons. Want to know how to pick the best coffee table to suit your needs? Well, read on.   Do you actually drink coffee? How much use do you intend that your coffee table gets? Is it a decorative coffee table or side table used purely as a space filler? Will it be a coffee table always in use; storage over décor? Once you...